We are dedicated to administering the most advanced drug addiction rehabilitation at our substance abuse treatment facilities. By only using the most effective methods, recovery is a deliberate, carefully constructed plan crafted to meet your specific needs and situation. The customized recovery program will include the following:


To eliminate your physical addiction, you will need to go through a full detox where you will get rid of the toxic chemicals left over from your addiction.

Behavioral Therapy

Help you develop new patterns of behavior to ensure lasting sobriety.

Cognitive Therapy

Help sort through any mental or emotional issues you may have.


Will help you build a better life outside of our treatment program.

Our Services

Detox- After you admit to yourself that you have a problem that you can’t solve on your own, you will be admitted into our drug detox clinic for a strictly supervised detoxification. The physical withdrawals that occur during this period are not pleasant. This is precisely why we never leave your side during this critical and fragile stage of the recovery process. With the help of our experienced addiction recovery team, you will be able to expel the toxins from your body left over from your addiction with little pain and in the most comfortable environment possible.

Behavioral & Cognitive Therapy- The bulk of your treatment at one of our addiction recovery centers will be built upon individual and group therapy. During one-on-one counseling with a specialist, you will be screened for a dual diagnosis mental health condition. This is when a person addicted to drugs also has an additional underlying mental condition. Nearly half of the people we treat have something like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. Together you and your therapist will work through your past to discover what is really holding you back. Group therapy provides mutual support for all our clients at our addiction recovery centers. Together the group supports each other, teaches each other new ways to stay sober, and illuminates tactics for coping and avoiding triggers.

Aftercare- When you leave one of our drug rehab centers, your work won’t be done yet. As you leave, you will be set up with a comprehensive aftercare program as a part of your long-term personalized treatment plan. As methods of relapse prevention, aftercare includes additional therapy, 12-step meetings, and sober living.